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Food Production Manager


As the Food Production Manager, you will be responsible for planning and overseeing the whole production processes of the different food production plants and lines such as meat, bakery, poultry, food production (catering section) in order to ensure optimal product quality and maximum profit margins.
The production Manager will also be responsible with all section managers for implementing highest level of production standards, procedures and processes required for achieving high level of efficiency and effectiveness while meeting the production targets and market demands. The target candidate is some who excel in a fast-paced and challenging working environment.
- Bachelor’s degree in business administration, Catering or any related field
- Knowledge of raw materials, production processes, quality control, costs, etc.
- Knowledge of machines and tools (i.e. designs, uses, repair, and maintenance)
- At least 10 years of experience in retail in which at least 5 years of experience in food production leadership in the food industry.
- Excellent knowledge of food hygiene regulations and HACCP.

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