FMCG Assistant- Hazmieh and Dekwaneh


Job Overview: The FMCG Assistant is responsible for the implementation of all FMCG related practices in the branch Duties and Responsibilities: - Provide products and services that meets customers’ requirements - Maintain standards of customer understanding, greeting and service - Give advice, guidance and recommendations on products to increase sales - Handle customer complaints in the first instance and report feedback to superior - Follow upselling techniques to maximize the sales - Assist in preparation of store for physical inventory count - Monitor inventories by making sure that it’s accurate and losses are controlled - Follow FEFO rules during operation - Implement all promotion activities as per instructions - Face up, organize, and clean all the section as per instructions - Store and display all received products on shelves - Check SEL availability and accuracy on all products - Identify damaged products and report to Superior - Ensure proper storage of supplies as per the food and safety regulations - Maintain all contract deals related to shelves and secondary merchandising - Follow and implement all merchandising and retail space management guidelines - Check expiry of products on the shelves and prior to filling and report discrepancies to Superior - Work loose and excess stock in the backdoor - Report any Product File related issue to Superior - Report maintenance issues related to the section to Superior Qualifications: - Additional experience in a related field is a plus Physical Demands: - Spending long hours standing and moving - Frequent mobility within the section - High Physical efforts to move objects