Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon S.A.L was established in 1996, as a pacesetter in the ownership and operation of supermarkets and hypermarkets in Lebanon.
Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon (GMRL) owns Spinneys, the leading multinational supermarket chain which made its comeback in 1996, 23 years after shutting down its operations due to the civil war.
GMRL now operates 16 Spinneys branches. In 2014, GMRL introduced the Happy Discount Store, an innovative retail concept, which has today grown into a popular discount store brand, with 16 branches.
GMRL acquired the Grab’nGo Convenience Stores in 2018, and presently operates 19 branches of the local convenience store chain.
The latest addition to the company’s portfolio has been the Signature by Spinneys concept, launched in 2019.